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After signing up on Element Photo, the next thing you probably want to do is create an album for an existing client or for the new one.

Creating your First Album

You can share images with your client using the Album, provided you have a delivery to make, and it can also serve as a means to showcase your existing work on your portfolio website.

Creating your first album is as easy as signing up, In this article, you will learn how to create an album for your client or your portfolio website step by step.

1. Go to your Element Photo dashboard, visit Clients, and click on + New client button at the top right corner.

2. Enter the Name of the client, Email address, Phone number, and Address then click on Save. You can change this later.

So, this way you just created your first client. Now, let's go to creating an album for your client.

3. Go to Albums,

At the top bar on your screen click on the menu item Albums. Once on the top right of the page click select + New album. A modal will appear, that would enable you to create a new album. You can go ahead and fill in the inputs. Your album is required to have a Name.

💡Your album name can either be the name of the client or the project.

4. Add more Information

If you had created a client in step you can select them from the client dropdown. In addition, you can add a Date or Tags. Proceed and click on Save when you are all done.

💡When adding tag to your album type them by including a comma to separate it.

5. Upload your first Image 🚀

Now that you have created your first Album. It is time to upload images into your Album. To upload images, open the album, click on + New photo and add photos from your computer, or drag images into the modal that appears.

6. Give your album a cover

To set an album cover, select any image of your choice from the album uploaded, click on the option, and click Set as Cover, then go to Visit your website and reload the page to see the image you selected.

7. Don't like the image uploaded?

You can easily delete images on your album anytime. To delete an image from your album, select the option and tap delete.

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