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Squarespace vs Wix For Photographers: Which is Better?

Squarespace vs Wix For Photographers: Which is Better?

Photographers who want to create an online platform to showcase their work often face the choice between Squarespace and Wix. In a head-to-head comparison, Squarespace's elegant design and SEO optimization shine, while Wix's user-friendliness and versatile drag-and-drop interface make it a strong contender for photographers seeking creative control.

Photographers who want to create an online platform to showcase their work often face the choice between Squarespace and Wix. In a head-to-head comparison, Squarespace's elegant design and SEO optimization shine, while Wix's user-friendliness and versatile drag-and-drop interface make it a strong contender for photographers seeking creative control.

squarespace vs wix
squarespace vs wix
squarespace vs wix

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Element Photo

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Nov 11, 2023

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Photographers who want to create an online platform to showcase their work often face the choice between Squarespace and Wix. In a head-to-head comparison, Squarespace's elegant design and SEO optimization shine, while Wix's user-friendliness and versatile drag-and-drop interface make it a strong contender for photographers seeking creative control.

Amidst the plethora of options for photographers to choose from, Element Photo stands out as an exceptional choice, offering a tailored platform that caters specifically to the unique needs of photographers. One of Element Photo's standout features is its ability to provide custom albums and websites, along with streamlining the administrative aspects of a photography business by offering invoice management, ensuring a seamless process for financial transactions.

 In this article, we will delve into Element Photo's impressive features, comparing them to industry giants Squarespace and Wix. This analysis will shed light on the reasons why Element Photo is increasingly recognized as the superior choice for photographers who aspire to create a powerful online presence that not only showcases their visual artistry but also simplifies the business aspects of their craft.

Element Photo: Redefining Website Building for Photographers

While Wix and Squarespace offer impressive features for photographers, Element Photo emerges as a game changer in the field of photography websites. Element Photo provides an array of specialized features that elevate the experience of building and managing a photography website.

 Element Photo is designed with the unique needs of photographers in mind, as opposed to Squarespace and Wix, which are simply website builders. It delivers a comprehensive set of features that cater specifically to the art of visual storytelling. Let's explore some of the key elements that make Element Photo stand out.

Custom photography albums

 Element Photo takes website design for photographers to the next level by offering a selection of specialized albums specifically crafted to accentuate your visual artistry. These albums are thoughtfully designed to provide the most visually appealing and functional backdrop for your photography. We offer different layouts, color schemes, and content placements that enhance the display of your images. Whether you prefer a minimalist gallery style, an elegant portfolio, or a bold and artistic presentation, Element Photo's albums provide a diverse range of design options.

Password-Protected Galleries

If you wish to offer exclusive access to specific clients or protect private galleries, Element Photo's password-protected galleries feature is an invaluable asset. You can control who views your images and maintain privacy for your clients.

Client Proofing 

Element Photo offers a streamlined client proofing process, allowing you to share your work with clients for review and selection. Client proofing involves you uploading your images to your Element Photo website. Once your albums are uploaded, you can share them with your intended clients through email or social media. Clients can then access these galleries, browse the photos, and select their preferred images for further processing or purchase. We prioritize simplicity and security in this client proofing process, ensuring that photographers and their clients have a hassle-free and efficient experience when collaborating on image selection.


Element Photo simplifies the financial aspects of your photography business with its integrated invoicing system. You can send professional invoices directly from your website, easily track payments, and maintain financial clarity. It's all about streamlining the business side of your passion so you can dedicate your time to your photography.

Client Download Options

Element Photo simplifies the process of client interaction by offering user-friendly download options. It grants clients the ability to easily download their high-resolution images. This feature streamlines the process of delivering photos to clients, making it a practical choice for photographers who prioritize a seamless and efficient client experience.

Mobile-Ready Websites

In a world where mobile devices dominate, Element Photo ensures your website looks and performs flawlessly on smartphones and tablets, as well as on computers. Your photography portfolio will be accessible to potential clients on any device.

SEO optimization for photographers

Element Photo takes search engine optimization (SEO) seriously. It provides tools and features to improve the visibility of your website in search engines, making it easier for potential clients to discover your photography services.

Element Photo seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to monitor website traffic, track user behavior, and gain valuable insights into your online audience. By leveraging the power of SEO and Google Analytics, Element Photo empowers you to craft a compelling online presence and effectively reach a broader, more targeted audience while showcasing your work.

 Dedicated customer support

Element Photo recognizes the importance of responsive customer support. We offer personalized assistance, ensuring that any questions or issues you encounter are promptly addressed. With dedicated email support, photographers using Element Photo have the advantage of direct and individualized assistance. This means that any questions, concerns, or issues you encounter while creating and maintaining your photography website are addressed through a one-on-one email support system.

Squarespace vs. Wix

When it comes to building a professional website for your photography portfolio, the choice between Squarespace and Wix can be a defining one because each offers unique strengths. Let's dive into an extensive comparison, exploring what these website builders offer you as a photographer.

Template Selection Process

 The way you choose a template can significantly affect your website-building experience as a photographer. Both Squarespace and Wix approach this differently.


Squarespace requires you to select a template before you complete the registration process. This approach allows you to get a feel for how your site might look from the very beginning, making it easier to ensure that the chosen template aligns with your artistic vision.


Wix takes a different approach, allowing you to create your account first and then choose a template later in the process. This flexibility means you can explore the platform's features and interface before making a template selection, providing room for experimentation.

Free Trial 

Starting with a free trial without the need to provide credit card information can be a significant advantage for photographers who wish to evaluate a website builder. Here's how both platforms handle this aspect:


Squarespace offers a free trial without asking for your credit card information upfront. This approach can be reassuring for those who prefer not to share sensitive financial details until they are certain about their choice.


Wix, however, does not require credit card information if you stay solely on their free plan. This ensures you can test the platform's features and capabilities without any financial commitment.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

A drag-and-drop website builder can be a valuable tool for photographers, but the level of control it offers varies between Squarespace and Wix.


Squarespace offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, which allows you to reorganize and customize elements easily. However, it has some limitations in terms of where you can drag and drop elements, which may require you to adhere to specific design guidelines.


Wix excels in terms of flexibility. It provides a highly versatile drag-and-drop interface that offers comprehensive control over element placement. Photographers who have specific design preferences may find this feature particularly valuable.

Template Variety and Aesthetics

The choice of templates plays a crucial role in defining the visual appeal of your photography website.


Squarespace is known for its minimalist and elegant template designs. These templates offer a clean and modern backdrop for showcasing your photography, making them a favorite among photographers who appreciate a sleek, uncluttered look.


Wix boasts an extensive variety of templates, catering to different photographic styles and artistic preferences. In terms of variety, Wix has more options that you can choose from in comparison with Squarespace. You'll find options ranging from minimalism to more elaborate and artistic layouts, ensuring there's a template suitable for your specific vision.

Integrated Booking System

For photographers offering services such as photoshoots or events, having an integrated booking system can streamline client interactions and scheduling.


 Squarespace provides a versatile integrated booking system, allowing clients to schedule and book appointments or photography sessions directly through your website. This feature enhances the client experience and simplifies scheduling.


Wix also offers an integrated booking feature that enables clients to book a photographer's services directly on the website. This functionality streamlines the scheduling process, which is valuable to your photography business.

Mobile Responsiveness

In recent times, it's essential that your website can adapt and display perfectly on mobile devices and various screen sizes.


Squarespace is designed to be mobile-responsive, ensuring that your website looks great on smartphones and tablets. This feature is essential for reaching a broader audience and providing a consistent user experience.


Wix also automatically optimizes websites for mobile devices, ensuring that your photography portfolio looks stunning on all screens, which is vital for engaging potential clients.

Customer Support

Access to reliable customer support can be a lifesaver when you encounter issues or have questions during your website-building journey.


Squarespace is renowned for its excellent customer support. Squarespace has created a help space for its users named Squarespace Help, filled with knowledge-based articles to assist you. They also offer live chat and email support to assist you with any questions or challenges you might face.


Wix provides customer support through the Wix Help Center, where you can ask questions or browse through articles. In comparison to Squarespace, Wix does not offer a lot of customer support.


While Wix and Squarespace offer versatile website-building solutions, Element Photo takes the needs of photographers to the next level. Its specialized features and focus on image protection, search engine optimization, and custom albums make it a top choice for photographers who demand excellence in showcasing their work. Element Photo provides a comprehensive and specialized toolkit for photographers who wish to create a visually stunning and business-savvy online presence.

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